GDPR Consultancy Services


Gap Analysis 

The existing data privacy practices of any business should be reviewed against the GDPR requirements to identify the actions that need to put in place, so that they meet the GDPR requirements by 25th May 2018. Areas to review include: Business processes, Technical processes, Physical security, Controller/ Processor contracts, Location and handling of PII. Where you are now? (Baseline). Where do you need to be? (Target). What is the difference? (Gap).

Personal Information audit

We start by understanding:
What data you hold now? Why you hold it? How it is used? A data mapping exercise may prove useful to achieve this.
This information will need to be maintained and kept up to date as it may be subject to an audit by SAs, we work with you to create this record or update your existing records.​

Privacy Policies Review

The more stringent requirements, and particularly the “Right to be informed”, mean that you should examine and correct your Privacy Policies (or equivalent).

We make sure they comply with GDPR.

GDPR Awareness Workshop

We can deliver GDPR awareness workshop specifically tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Session includes;

Introduction to GDPR
GDPR terminologies and definitions
Structure of the Regulation
Principles and Data Subjects' Rights
Data Breach Notifications and Key Features of the Regulation.

Virtual Data Protection Officer

Contact us to day to find out more about our Outsourced DPO services. This service offers the benefit of getting the data protection advice you need when you need it without employing someone fulltime. 

You get advice from a qualified GDPR practitioner with regards to Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and monitor its performance and advice on how to carry the DPIA
to mitigate risks to PII of the data subjects... Learn more


We partner with AlienVault® to
help you implement a range of
Unified Security Management™ (USM™) solutions to simplify 
enterprise wide threat detection, threat response and compliance.
​​Features of the Solution

Cloud Security Management
Asset Discovery & Vulnerability Assessment
Intrusion Detection & Behavioral Monitoring
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) & Log Management
Compliance Management

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