About Us

Proficiently handled projects

Whether you’re an enormous corporation or a start up that’s aching to find it’s niche, we can help bring your vision to live!  We can build exceptional solution that are outstandingly effective and will position you as the cool number on your block!

​​And, exactly how do we do that?

We’re glad you asked.
We provide an array of solutions through a creative collaboration with you.  Pidux rises above all our competition when it comes to being the perfect partner for you.
     We actually listen to you!
And, we do everything possible to create a custom-made solutions that is a true reflection of your company.

Sure, we’re creative solution providers who like to think out of the box, and sometimes things get
a little crazy.

But, you have nothing to worry about.  When you become a partner with PIDUX, you are dealing with professionals. 
And, a lean staff of experts at that.  We’ve learned that being lean and agile is the best way to meet and adapt to any and all of our clients’ needs. 
​Whatever the requirements, you’re safe in knowing that we are always on the starting block ready to get going on whatever it takes to create a product that is as individual and exceptional as you are.  ​

What we Value

Good design




  We pride ourselves on outstanding designs. With great design comes no question – just a passionate understanding and love for the products we create. Truly inspirational designs come from admirable dedication and passion to each project, which is exactly what our design consultants offer.   ​

It’s comforting to have a plan to point you in the right direction, but flexibility is key. Technology changes faster than most imagine and our design consultants work tirelessly to keep up to date.
We believe that every individual has a talent, and every individual has a voice that needs to be heard. Tools certainly play a role in visual design and development, but pulling two minds together to make an idea come alive is priceless.
 We respect all our clients on every level and believe that working closely on one-to-one bases makes us successful at what we do here at Pidux. Our clients trust that we’re completely committed to making their visions a reality, and we trust that our finished products will leave them astounded.

Our Process

To consistently create solutions & products that are aesthetically pleasing, personally appealing and exceptionally effective, our work is wrapped around our time proven agile process

There are a lot of companies that will sit you down and explain to you what you need.  Hard to believe they stay in business, right?  Well, we do the exact opposite. We sit down with you with pen and paper and take copious notes on what you tell us. That’s right.  We actually pay attention to what you tell us. And, we don’t leave you hanging. We will always keep you in the loop with updates on your project’s progress.
So, we’ve picked your brain. We know who you are, what you do and where you want to go. We’ve gotten all of the information we need to scurry back to our workstations and begin planning
using the most uptodate techniques to solve your business needs.
effective solutions unique to your business. 
We take as much time as needed to pull it all together in constantly developing prototypes and product mock ups. 
And with your on-going feedback, we guarantee your solution will turn out exactly the way you want it. And, there’s an excellent chance it will far exceed your expectations! ​